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The first days and weeks of life with your newborn baby are perhaps some of the most precious, and yet they are gone all too soon.  It is in these first couple of weeks after your baby’s birth that we like to capture images of your newborn so that you can will have lasting memories of these early days.  We’ll capture their tiny fingers and toes, as well as all of their unique little features in a way that is beautiful, timeless and pure.

What to expect

Our studio is located in Berwick, Victoria – about a 35 minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD.  All of our newborn sessions take place in our relaxing studio where everything is set up and ready for your session.

Before you arrive, we make sure that the studio is nice and warm so that your little one feels cozy and comfortable whilst unclothed.  We will also have a number of different arrangements creatively set up before you arrive, drawing together a careful selection of baskets, wraps, knits and blankets in various textures and tones from our extensive collection.

Newborn sessions typically last around 2 hours to allow for feeding and settling if required.  As mothers, we will always be sensitive to your baby’s feeding schedule and do our utmost to accommodate your baby’s needs.  Having said this, if at all possible, we recommend that you feed your baby just prior to arriving for your session – even better if you are able to keep them awake before your come.

We would suggest you bring a pacifier/dummy for the session.   These can be incredibly helpful in quickly settling baby without disturbing them, especially if we have already placed them in a pose.  If you’d prefer not to offer one, that’s completely fine.  We have lots of other settling techniques.

All of our creative arrangements are thoughtfully composed, giving attention not only to the overall imagery that we are seeking to deliver, but also with careful attention to your baby’s comfort and safety.

Many families like to take advantage of our included family portraits.  We will gladly take pictures of your newest family member with parents and siblings.   To ensure beautifully toned photographs, please refer to our what to wear section for great clothing ideas.

Approximately 2 weeks after your session, you will be provided with a private online gallery.  This gallery is password protected.  It can be shared with family and friends but they will be unable to gain access without the password.  

Booking a session

If you are expecting, please let us know your due date so that we can accommodate you.  We recommend booking your session before your baby is born to avoid disappointment.  While we won’t know your baby’s actual due date, we can reserve a time frame for you ensuring your child’s portraits are taken while they are still tiny and new.

Our newborn sessions are generally held within the first few weeks after baby’s birth (preferably at 5 to 10 days old).  This is important as they are still mostly sleepy so we can move them around and get some beautiful snuggly poses without them being easily startled.

Once you’ve booked your session with us, you will be sent a booking confirmation email and deposit invoice.  Payment of the deposit secures your booking and covers your custom photography session, our time and expertise.   All of our images are available in high resolution as a digital file.  We offer great packages and pricing, as detailed below.  

If you have more questions or would like to chat with us prior to booking your session, please drop us an email or give us a call on 0438 298 853.   Head over to our full gallery here to view more of our newborn work!

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