Wear Box

One of the most frequently asked questions after booking a session is ‘what do we wear?!’.

Putting time and effort into your clothing selections can really set the tone of your photos.  Think on the following questions:

–  what location are we shooting at?

–  where will we be displaying these photos?

–  what look am I going for?

Colours don’t need to match exactly, but simply ‘go together’.  Where possible, try and avoid big bold patterns and logos so that you remain the focus of the photos!


We recommend neutrals and soft shades to keep photos natural, light and airy.  The colour palettes below may help you find some tones in your wardrobes that suit your family.  Pinterest is also wonderful source for clothing ideas!

wear colour1


Once you have decided on the location for your session, you can think about what look you’d like to achieve.  Subtle muted tones or bright punchy colours?

The colour palettes below give some great ideas of tones that work together well.  Please feel free to contact us anytime if you’d like to discuss your clothing choices or ask for advice.

wear colour 2